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Alexander Wilon JP
Safecity CEO

Safecity tm has developed a legendary reputation for honesty and integrity.  We will never compromise our ethics for commercial gain.  Our motto "Profit Without Honour is Loss" describes our attitude towards business ethics.

And that means that you will always get honest advice, and we will do everything we can to match what you need with what is available. 

For the past 12 years, we have supplied quality security and products to Law Enforcement and Government organisations.   This includes the sale of satellite phones since 1998!

Most of our clients have high security requirements; for this reason, they insist in purchasing products from organisations that have undergone police criminal checks and regularly undergo rigorous auditing by Government authorities.

We firmly believe that there is no substitute for quality and, for this reason, we carefully select our suppliers.  We insist that our suppliers provide quality, durable, user friendly products.  We also insist that they provide a friendly and supportive after-sales customer service.

One thing is for sure... we are good at what we do. 
You WILL get honest advice. 
You WILL get good quality customer service. 
And you WILL get the best fit available for YOU at the time you purchase.

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Safecity Globalstar dealers
Profit Without Honour Is Loss

Safecity Services Pty Limited
Authorised Dealers for all Satellite Phones including (alphabetically!!!)

Globalstar (on hiatus until network issues resolved)

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Referral Reward Project (offer extended to customers who have purchased a phone from us)

Referrals from satisfied customers are the best form of advertising.  Most of our customers work this way!  We invite all our customers to join us in promoting these quality products.  If you are available to demonstrate the features of the satellite phone (you purchased from us) to prospective customers and refer sales to us, we would like to hear from you.  Phone us on 02-63355216 or send an E-mail